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Flat As A Board And Free As A Bird

faith and fitness

Why I Had My Breast Implants Removed – Part 10 & Final – “Flat as a board and free is a bird!”

Friends, I cannot express to you in words how smart God is. How strong He is. Almost four weeks later, I have never been so happy to be me. Trust me when I say…He is totally capable of making the best decisions for our lives!

Second to choosing me and calling me His, this is the best decision He has ever made for me.

I keep telling my friends, family, and family of Revelation Wellness Instructors, “I am my favorite me!”

Flat as a board and free as a bird! That’s how I feel!

faith and fitness

I am here to tell you, healing is real. It’s amazing how our bodies are designed to fight for us. Every day things change and get better. My breasts do not look as perfect as they once did, and if I were to stand naked next to a Victoria Secret model, most would call me defective. I am so okay with that! So okay.

Since the surgery, God has been speaking the word blameless over me. I have been digging in and studying what that means inside the context of God’s word. The word blameless shows up mostly in the book of Leviticus—a book that talks a lot about sacrifices and blood shed in payment for sin. God commanded that the animals to be sacrificed must be blameless. The word blameless, as used in a sacrifice, means perfect, or without defect.

Funny thing is, in comparison to what I used to look like with my breast implants, the world, my flesh, and the mirror might try to tell me I am now defective and imperfect. But God now calls me blameless, perfect, and “without defect.” What the world labels imperfect and damaged goods, God stamps perfect with great purpose.

There is no flaw in me.

I couldn’t hear it then, but I can hear it now. As clear as the sound of a freedom bell ringing in the distance. Can you hear it?

I appeal to you therefore, brothers (and sisters) by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. – Romans 12:1

I am a living sacrifice, blameless, and without defect.

faith and fitness

On this side of surgery…I see more clearly that not only did this have to do with me and God, a daughter and Father, but also between me and God as I minister the Good News to His people – His message of unyielding love, grounding truth, and ultimate freedom. He did this to protect me on ALL sides for ALL the battles that surely lie ahead, as we continue to raise up an army of world changers and history makers and effect the culture of fitness/wellness for God’s glory. Especially for the world changers who are in my own home – my daughter Sophia, and my son Jack – the next generation, my offspring, the root of Jessie, who will never fully know the fallow ground on which I have walked to arrive at freedom.

In answer to all my original fears…turns out I really had nothing to fear.

  • Will I still feel like a woman?  I have never felt more beautiful.
  • Will my husband still find me sexy and beautiful?  Nothing is more sexy and beautiful than a woman who is free. My husband would agree. ☺
  • How bad are my boobs going to look? A little better each day. They look like real breasts and real makes me REALLY happy! Real is becoming more and more rare. I really like it over here on the wild side of life. 
  • How can we afford this?  The day before I found my doctor, God dabbled in the stock market. Some stock that we have owned for years, sitting in our account like a dead duck, “hit.” Only God!

And my final fear: What will people think of me? Well…that one is none of my business. I am getting used to the fact that some will get it, some will not and some people will think I am an alien. To which I say…

Nanu- nanu!

Obedience, love, and devotion to God doesn’t make sense on a planet where it’s much easier to be our own gods.

We are ALL aliens here on planet earth. We are all flying around in our spaceships, avoiding astroids while trying to get to that place of significance. The only difference is some aren’t navigating their own way as much as they are following The Way. Some ships run on 100% pure rocket fuel, called Grace and Truth – a rocket fuel that sends them into the big, blue, yonder. A place of weightlessness in the flesh and weightiness to the God they love – the leader they follow. A place of great significance where love is always greater than fear and fear never gets the final say.

I am not sure if it’s the feeling of obedience that is most satisfying or the feeling of being totally me and completely at home in my skin. It’s just so God to give one so much goodness on all sides. It feels like goodness is flooding my home and sweeping me off my feet.

I think I am going to love it here.

-Written by Alisa Keeton, Founder of Revelation Wellness®

Note from Alisa: Thank you for going on this journey with me. I pray it has spoken freedom into the hidden places of your heart. The places you do not have to fear God’s light shining in and upon. To share this story with someone else, send them this link. All the parts of this story are now found as live links at the end of my initial blog post. – peace, friends.

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  1. Alisa, I have loved following your story. I think you are very brave and I love to read how God has sanctified you through this journey! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing testimony of yours! I love what you said: “What the world labels imperfect and damaged goods, God stamps perfect with great purpose.” You are a true living sacrifice to God, He is definitely working thru you to bring hope to those (like myself) who see themselves as damaged… You are inspirational!

    Thank you again!

  3. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us Alisa. I have been so spiritually filled up by your words of courage, strength, obedience and love. These words mean a lot to me: What the world labels imperfect and damaged goods, God stamps perfect with great purpose. Inso needed that reminder! I am living in a severely deprived spiritual place and struggle desperately without fellowship and so I am so ever greatful for having you to speak life into me in this dark dead place. You are The Light. With great gratitude and love, Jocelynne xo.

  4. Thank you for inviting us along on your freedom journey!
    “Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Messiah. For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down. They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” Revelation‬ ‭12‬:‭10-11‬ NIV
    Thank you for your testimony, which is a victory for all the sons and daughters of the King.

  5. Alisa,
    What a beautiful love story! Your obedience to God is awe-inspiring. You have indeed touched my heart.
    Many blessing to you beautiful woman!
    In His Peace,

  6. You are a beautiful writer and a beautiful woman. Obedience looks straight up gorgeous on you 🙂

  7. What a beautiful testimony to God’s goodness!!! You LOOK free, unfettered and wildly loved. True beauty 🙂

  8. I have read your story and I rejoice with you! I cheer you on your journey to reach people for the glory of God. He has set you free and it’s a pleasure to follow you on social media. One day, maybe in heaven, I will meet you and we will worship our great God forever!!

  9. You are one gorgeous woman of God. You speak His truth so eloquently, and I am honored to be your sister in Christ!

  10. God is awesome!! Your story reminds me of the book “Hinds Feet on High Places”. He takes all of His children on a journey; it is one of sacrifice, building alters, and laying down the old so He can give us the new! So excited for you and this new season you’ve passed into. As far as what others think: in our house we like to say,”Be obedient to what the Holy Spirit is leading you to do, and let God deal with the consequences!” So, from one “wierd” woman to another, I say: Welcome to the party!! And, in the days, months, and years to come, my prayer for you is this:
    May He shower you with blessings from on high, abounding grace, unimaginable peace, sweet rest, and His all consuming love!! May you never, ever forget this sacred moment and may it continue to stoke the fire of your passion for Him and for others!

  11. Jessica
    Thank you. Oh yes..Hinds Feet is one of my “go to” books. I am/was Much Afraid. And Joy with Acceptance has been his call on my life. Keep it weird!! xoxo

  12. When I looked at the picture of you wrapped up, I cried. My love for what you shared with us is overwhelming. Thank you for opening the door for us to share in your amazing path to freedom. Humbled. ❤️

  13. Thank you Alisa – I am carrying this quote very close to my heart —
    “Beauty is God given. Pretty is earned. Beauty can not be stolen because it’s inherently planted deep in one’s soul- as an image bearer of God – guarded by the Angel Army of God, where time and exposure to the elements of life causes beauty to blossom. Pretty gets stolen because it’s based on things that are temporal, unguarded, and are located on the surface – a place where time and exposure cause decay. Beauty is inspired by love. Pretty is driven by fear.” Alisa Keeton

  14. Alisa so beautiful and brave to share. The devil is so powerful and quick to tell us we are not enough but God is bigger than that. You are beautiful!!!

  15. God’s glory shines brightly through you. For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Amen, sister.

  16. I can’ t tell you how much this resonated with me. I have always been very self conscious of my small breasts and have thought many times of implants. Beyond that, it has always been something that has been just “not good enough”. The feelings and way of relating described by you as “orphan” are how I have always seen myself. I have believed for as long as I can remember that I have to take care of myself “because God won’t”, in my mind. I know that He has wanted to deal with this body image issue I have had for almost all my life, but I am terrified…terrified of being overwhelmed by the pain, terrified that if I let myself “go there”, I will drown. My life is so covered in shame, I can’t imagine knowing what you now know. Thank you for your voice and your words. Praying I will find my own. Bless you.

  17. Tammy.
    He knows your pain. And he’s patient. And you are enough. He is offering you more but it will not negate his love for you should you chose to avoid the pain. We always say “you can’t heal what you don’t feel” 🙂 Let him love you into obedience. Jesus said himself “If you love me, you will obey my commands”. NOT to be heard as a threat like “IF you nkow what’s good for you, you will love me.” but as a “Listen, just spend time with me. The more you spend time with me, knowing me and my love for you, the more you will love me. The more you know my love for you the more you will supernaturally respond to my voice in obedience.” That’s all this part of my story is…a response in obedience BECAUSE I know how much he loves me, His love is good, and His love for me never quits. He’s always wanting to move us from one measure of Kingdom goodness to another. If you love to read, try Hinds Feet On High Places. THAT is the story of my life. – peace

  18. “What the world labels imperfect and damaged goods, God stamps perfect with great purpose.”
    what an amazing invitation you were offered. and how brave you are to have accepted. Great is your reward. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Fabulous, just fabulous! I love the work that God does in us to show us how much He loves us even though we are broken, beaten and scarred. All for His glory! You get it and I so appreciate that! He brought me to this place, one of total acceptance – grace is enough!

  20. Alisa, I just wanted to send some love and gratitude your way for being so raw, vulnerable and open. I absolutely LOVE the perspective you put on it- the enemy is not creative at all! It’s amazing to me the reality of the battles we all face, yet feel so isolated in. I am on the other side of the coin, and joke now with people to be careful what you ask for because God always goes above and beyond, my “cups” runneth over. I was a late bloomer and terrified I would never “get any”… and now I almost despise them and wish so badly for a reduction so I could have that “perfect” small frame.

    Whether or not it was a revelation from the Lord in my life, or just a moment of peace with myself as He made me- at the time, I realized, “what is the real measure of perfection?” The “world” sets a standard and so many of us feel enslaved by that. And I used to joke about how I would get to have toned abs and straight toes in heaven. But I realized, God is infinitely creative, He didn’t design people with flaw- He purposefully formed every part of my body and shape, (I do play a part in how I care for His temple, but striving for a body I am not created to have will only keep me from his fullness) – but I believe in heaven I will still have my wonky toes and big teeth and funnel body shape- but I won’t look at it as flawed and imperfect. God’s love cannot be minimized in to a “one size fits all”. His love, His mercy, His grace, they are too big for that.

    I’m sorry to be so long winded…. I really just wanted to commend you for your bravery, and for silencing the voice of the enemy by exposing him, but sometimes I start talking and words just pour out of me.

  21. Wow Aileen! TRUTH! Thanks for sharing and for allowing me to share. And I SO get how the words just start to pour out of you when you are sitting under the waterfall of truth and love. It’s where our wholeness if found. So STAY under that waterfall 🙂

  22. To Tammy-
    My heart feels for you. I can relate to the insecurity you describe, I struggled most of my life as well. I just want to encourage you to press in, press in, press in! In recent years the Lord has been delivering me from that place- that doesn’t mean I am not often tempted to go back… I’ve found it’s ironic. I sometimes think I am almost more comfortable in my discomfort simply because it is what I know. But then when I think of all the Lord has done, I realize it’s an insult to Him and the price He paid for me.

    Priscilla Shirer’s Gideon study was quite revelational to me (among Lisa Bevere’s Lioness arising which was the foundation of Gods work in my life from that place.) But Priscilla explains how “When you are not who you used to be, you have no business going where you used to go!” God calls you His beloved daughter, He formed you. He breather purpose in to your life, and He enables you for the divine calling He has on your life.

    Something else that really struck me, was that Satan merely needed to sow the seed of a lie in me, and I was the one who watered it and grew it. Sometime’s the hardest battle is against our self but I want to encourage you to run for freedom! He will not deny you. If you have a few minutes, listen to the testimony of this anointed woman. (It’s about the first half if the video I believe.) But she talks about the “pain of recovery often times being more painful than the offense.

    The “shame” you feel, is not God. It is Satan wanting to use those “fires” of life to burn you up as ash, but if you are willing to “embrace the pain of recovery,” those fires will produce in you the purity of gold my lovely sister, a richness that you can use to bless others.

    I wish I could attach a picture here, but a word the Lord gave me with an image I had captured of the most lush and insane tree roots growing in the mountainside in the Alps was this: Life can bring us to hard places, where we feel broken and fractured, but it is in those “fractures” that God’s love can come in and take root and grows abundantly. And an illustration Diana Haggee had given was off to vessels, one was perfect, and one was broken with pieces carefully glued back together. But when the lights were turned off, it was that repaired vessel that bore light!

    Please, please, please, know you are WORTH! healing. God does not look at you in shame! He will purpose ALL things together for your good if you are willing to surrender them!!!!!

    Much love beautiful sister!

  23. Alisa, this has been a true joy to read! It has encouraged me in so many ways to walk with you on your journey to freedom! So refreshing to experience the transparency and truth you speak to each one that has read your story (HIS story)! Thank you for sharing. It is truly amazing how good GOD is!!!

  24. You’re an amazing inspiration – Your conviction is contagious and I’m honored to be in this industry of such servant leaders like you!!! thank you for you beauty and obedience! I love you and hope to meet you one day.

  25. Growing up I always had a very small chest and have said for years, “When I’m done having kids, I will get implants.” I stopped nursing my fourth child in March, about a month after his first birthday. My body is mostly back to “normal” now, only worse. 5 straight years of being pregnant and nursing made my first day back in a swimming pool this summer hurt. Not physically, but emotionally. I felt all those things you said. I felt like I looked like a 10 year old boy walking around in a woman’s swimsuit. I felt like I looked unhealthy. I was humiliated. As I cried relentlessly, my husband – who has always said he liked me how I am and doesn’t want me to get implants – said, “I don’t want you to feel this way. If you want to get them, that’s okay.”

    I just wanted you to know that your courageous story has inspired me. I will press in to God and seek Him more. There are likely many things at play here, and I may need surgery, but not a physical one. My hurt has a place, but going under the knife isn’t going to fix it.

    Thank you for sharing. I really did need this.

  26. Alisa~ praise God you are free and beautiful! Oh I was so happy to find someone who wrote their testimony out of removing their implants. I just came across your website through a google search, wondering if other women are sharing their stories of this exact issue. So the Lord guided me to remove my breast implants, too and I did years ago in 2004. I’ve shared my testimony to only about 20-30 people, but have a desire now to share it more publicly ~ like in articles and hopefully in a book. I remember weeping in front of the mirror after removing the implants, not because I was sad, but weeping in awe of the beauty God creates. And also thinking “why was I trapped in lies for so long?”. Since removing my breast implants, God has blessed me more than I could imagine. I want to start sharing my story now and you inspired me to share. Thank you and God bless you! 🙂
    Amber Paulsen

  27. What an incredible story! I have cried and laughed and cried some more right along with you!
    Let me say that you have been a shining light for me for the last year since a friend introduced me to your blog. I was battling depression after having my baby, and was feeling ugly and unfeminine in my new, bigger, and flabbier body. But you’re messages on FB and on your blog have inspired me to get moving and get back to my First Love. I have never felt more strong or more beautiful, even in my bigger jeans!
    God continue to bless your family and ministry!

  28. Alisa, thank you so much for sharing your courage and love for God and how he loves us just as he created us. I am new to Revelation Wellness Ministry and I am loving the guidance and instruction and teaching. I feel this is where the Lord has lead me. I have struggled with my body image as long as I can remember. I follow you on Instagram, FB and Periscope and now I have seen your blog ( to which I had no idea about) Your removing implants journey just spoke volumes to me and I haven’t even read all of it yet but as hooked as I feel reading your blog I am sure by this evening I will be caught up. I have been battling with myself back and forth for the past two years on getting implants ( even though my husband doesn’t want me to have them) I have to say just reading the little I have read, I feel the spirit heavy on me, a great revelation that implants are truly not for me. ( more like a confirmation) Yes I have poor body image issues toward myself, yes I have food issues too. But reading and watching your teachings for the past 3 days is revealing to me more and more the issue is deeper then just my poor eating habits. I work out and lift weights too, which I love. but my eating is an issue its not just about putting 30 extra pounds in the last 3 years on my 5’2″ frame its deeper. Because there are moments that I can’t even get past the despair I feel to get up and go for a walk or sweat things off for 30 minutes. WOW! all Glory to him I am thankful for the revelation. thank you again for sharing and I look forward to learning to dig deeper to the core. I know Jesus is my healer and I know he will give me the desire of my heart, ( faith and fitness make me happy LOL) But I get the revelation He wants to reveal to me some good stuff.
    Awesome! thank you again

    Pearl Jimenez

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