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The Best Uninvited House Guest

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When Losing Is Actually Gaining: Part 4

Over the past month, I have pressed into everything I can get my hands on in God’s word about kindness, gentleness and tenderness. I channel my inner 5-year-old ‘Peter Cotton Tail’ to ask her what was she wanted on that painful day. And His word begins to burn within me, purifying my heart.

My most recent courageous moment came when I heard a sermon regarding favor and honor. Favor and honor derive their meaning from the Greek word for Kindness. They are all tied together–interdependent on one another. In the sermon the pastor was saying to recognize when you are in the presence of someone given a specific gifting; an anointing of favor—it’s God’s kindness in and on them. If their favor happens to be in an area of your life that you are lacking, it will honor Jesus for you to honor the gifting in that person by asking them to pray for you—to bestow some of their favor and honor onto your life. In Revelation Wellness® we call this getting under someone else’s piñata.

Orphans scatter when someone else gets breakthrough of favor.They stomp their feet and march away in a “not fair” spirit. But confident children run under the piñata of breakthrough to receive more goodness because they know sharing is an enjoyable and contagious command.

I began to think…who is it that I know who has a special gift, a special favor for kindness? Immediately, my sweet daughter Sophia came to mind. Friends, I can not explain it, but since birth, this little girl of mine has a kindness streak in her that is not of this world. If I am honest..I haven’t quite known what to do with this gift of hers. For me, it’s beautiful, and it’s uncomfortable. I have always told her “Sophia, you are going to be a better mommy than me. You are so kind.”

Allow me to mommy boast for a minute. From the first moment Sophia laid eyes on my hurt foot, her lioness- warrior- kind self, rose up. Since my husband was out of town at the time of my injury, she was first on the scene. Sophia was quick to say “Mom, are you okay? Mom, I will help you. Mom, I can get it for you. Mom, LET ME help you.” My first night as a pirate she said to me “Mom, let me know when you are going to bed. I will help you get ready for bed.” My sweet girl felt it imperative to turn down my sheets, place water next to my bed, turn on my bedside light so I could read and then get a hold of this…she felt it necessary to put my pajamas in the dryer then run them quickly to me so she could help dress me in warm pajamas before going to bed. This is a kind of kindness that is foreign to me.

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                          (My #sophiathebrave and I. We were #bornforabattle love wins!)

There was no taunting, no teasing, no making light of the situation or calling me a fool. The enemy was already doing enough of that in my head.

Yes, the girl has been given the gift, the favor, the honor of bestowing kindness.

Upon the closing of that sermon, I looked over at my daughter playing Minecraft, and I heard the Lord say “Her kindness is my favor. Ask her for some.” I interrupted her intense game of building and blowing things up to ask Sophia if she would pray for me. She seemed a little confused, so I explained to her what I was learning and what I was needing. Her face lit up, and she got it. She was quick to share.

I honored my 12-year-old daughter that morning. I acknowledged her overflow and my lack. She prayed the kind of prayer that no demon in hell can stand against or take back. And the angels all stood quietly around us, holding holy ground as my heart received its transplant of Godly kindness.

I can’t explain it, but something shifted in me that day. Something has shifted INSIDE me. My eyes were opened. I haven’t experienced just a revelation of the heart, but of the body and soul too. Nine months ago I willingly crawled up on the altar of a surgery table, but this time he tenderly placed me on the altar of a surgery table to give me the deeper desires of my heart.

lisfranc foot injury

                         (Grateful to be cleared to move. It’s not pretty…but it’s moving in love, to me.)

Nine months ago The Good Surgeon removed fear from my heart.

Eight weeks ago The Good Surgeon filled the hole that fear had left, with His love and kindness.

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience – Colossians 3:12

Man, if this injury hasn’t grown me in all those above stated Godly characteristics, I don’t know what will.

  • Compassion: My heart is enlarged for the disabled and the elderly–those who feel and think the world is passing them by quicker than they can move.
  • Kindness: I think we’ve covered this.
  • Humility: This girl who knows how to be strong has learned to embrace her weakness. It’s where Christ’s power rests on me.
  • Gentleness: I have learned to go easy on myself–embracing what it means to be kind and gentle with ourselves and others.
  • Patience: Moving slow has a way of slaughtering your fast paced “I want it now”, life.

This foot injury has been THE BEST uninvited house guest I have ever hosted. I would be lying if I said it has been an easy transition to get to this place of favor. It wasn’t. It was ugly. It was messy. It was gory. Bitterness, birthed from my disappointment with God and others, swirled about in my hurt, daily. One day I lost it so bad on my kids who were just trying to help, that if words were weapons, I would be wanted for mass-murder– blood and dead bodies everywhere.

In every ugly moment, I have continued to train my pain my; to take my pain and run to the safety of my Father. He has comforted me, and He has convicted me. In both places, He has been kind.

He wastes NOTHING, friends. THIS, all of this is an answer to my cry for more of Him.

God specializes in taking all our gory and turning it into something beautiful for His glory.

Welcome to my newest season of greater.

Thanks for listening. Now it’s your turn to share. What does your season of greater look like?

His love.


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