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Dear World, please forgive us.

Hey everyone. This post I share with you today has never felt more raw and true. As I wrote it, it felt like a straight up download from heaven. What you are about to read is going to rub some the wrong way because it is meant to disarm all pride. It will ask you to take everyone off the hook and then invite you to climb on the altar where God performs open-heart surgery.

So, in honor of our new faith then food and fitness challenge starting September 18th–more of a movement of the Spirit than a physical challenge for your body– I felt compelled to undress my heart and share the following with you.

If by the end of what you are about to read you feel like something punched you in the gut or pierced your heart, I believe it is because God is calling you to get well. I am certain that there is fresh grace for our wellness for such a time as this. Be sure to make your next move and join The Wellness Revelation – The Journey: a wellness movement of people towards the heart of God.

Dear World that God so loved,

Please forgive us. Forgive us for how the unhealthy in our hearts that has leaked itself all over you. Forgive us for how we have blamed you and called you the enemy. You are not our enemy. You are the same ones that God so dearly loves. You are our best teachers for what it means to reign in mercy and steward the gift of grace. Our pain has caused us constant confusion and we have made you the problem. You are not a problem. We have encountered problems and we know that people, all people, are each God’s good idea. People are never the problem.

We confess that we are messy people. We make lots of messes because truth be told, inside each of us Christ-followers is a hurting, wounded and messy heart. Wrong things have been done to us and we have done wrong things in return. Our pain has been our filter and through it we have been looking at you. We have accused you. We have been hurt. Anger, hopelessness and bitterness have been our knee-jerk responses, our weapons of choice. The truth is, we have a hard time trusting Love, even though we confess with our mouths that God is Love and we believe in His relentless, never-quitting, won’t-give-up love for all. We get why you would call us hypocrites. Our pain has convinced us that it’s not safe to fully surrender, and because of this we have said one thing with our mouth and then lived out another truth. Please forgive us. Our hearts have been kicked around and we have been limping towards the finish line. We now believe that God can heal our hurts and it will cost us our false and temporary comforts. It’s going to be uncomfortable but we trust it will be worth it. We are ready to lose control of our lives to gain Love. We no longer want to try and control you. Forgive us for how we have tried to control you.

Please know, as a body of Christ-followers, we want to get to work on getting healthy; healthy in mind (thoughts), heart (feelings), soul (what makes each of us who we uniquely are) and strength (our bodies; our place of stored trauma and stories). Please hear us when we say that we are working-it-out! We are committed to getting well so we can love you well. To love is our highest purpose and it always returns to us great joy. We want to love you with the same kind of Love that God wrapped us with in Christ when we were found sitting in our own pit of anger, hopelessness and despair. We know what it feels like to have dark days and we know God is equipping us to come and be with you in your moments of darkness too- to hope and sit with you, free from our agenda, if you will have us. Will you have us? We understand, given our past, you might not trust us to love you well, but we are asking for a chance. We will not love you perfectly, but we will do our best to love you well. God’s grace will give us the ability to do what we once never thought possible. We believe we can trust God to fill the gaps when we fall short and we will no longer be afraid to go low, to come to you and say, “Would you please forgive me? I lost myself. I lost my peace, my hope, my faith and my love for a moment, but I’m back. I’m back on-line and in step with the Spirit–the frequency of God–that refuses to give up on me. It’s the same energy that refuses to let me give up on you.

Dear World, we are committed to getting healthy. There have been places in us where hell, the absence of love, has leaked in and in our worst moments has leaked out all over you. We believe now, more than ever, that God is giving us a fresh grace – a grace that is bigger than ever before, to get and live well. We have no idea if this will result in a transformation of how our bodies look, but we are certain we will have a heart that is ready to live light and free, to go the distance with loving God and you. We are committed to sitting at God’s feet to let Him deal with us in His one-of-a-kind-loving-kindness so we can be healthy, whole and free. We desire to be free to love God with all our heart, ourselves well and you without blame. Only God knows how to love the hell out of us and it’s our time to let Him do it.

May our newly found health, that is surely to come, give you a greater glimpse of how much God loves you. Because He does so love the world. You were a good idea.

Please forgive us, the church, for how we have not loved well.

We are committed to working-it-out.

His love.

The Followers of Jesus (also known as The Church)



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