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#298 The Wrong Beliefs And The Wrong Size Jeans

What would happen if we stopped believing the lie that our bodies are wrong and started embracing the truth that we are loved by an endlessly loving God? Women would be at rest and the endless cycle of not feeling like we are enough would end.

Learn how our beliefs affect our biology and our bodies keep the score. 

Join Alisa today as she blows the trumpet for the women of God to pick up their swords, put on their crowns and remember who God says they – royal, unrivaled, and irreplaceable daughters of God.

Join our NEW 30 Day, donations only, mind-body challenge starting September 10th. Sign ups close Friday, September 7th at 11:59 PM EST.


Album -Without Words- Bethel

Come to me 

Ever be

Heaven’s Song

It Is Well

Jesus We Love You

Oceans – iSingWorship

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