#651 Ceitci Demirkova: Motivated by the Impossible

#651 Ceitci Demirkova: Motivated by the Impossible

In today’s podcast episode, Alisa sits down with Ceitci Demirkova, author, speaker, and founder of the non-profit Changing a Generation. Their conversation is rich and deep, full of tips for you to start your 2022 on purpose! Listen in to learn what an invisible mentor is, the connection between contemplative prayer and brain science, and the power of our beliefs to shape our attitudes, expectations and habits.
Ceitci was born and raised in Bulgaria, a former Communist country, Ceitci’s story is one of tragedy to triumph and poverty to riches. Arriving to the United States at age nineteen with $100
and 100 words of English, her ultimate passion and purpose was, and still is, to help people. Her personal stories of overcoming life’s challenges and not stopping in the face of betrayal, discouragement or sickness are intertwined with her messages of hope, truth, love and purpose.
Learn more by visiting her websites, Ceitci.org, ChangingaGeneration.net, and InvisibleMentors.com, and check out her YouVersion Bible studies by searching for Ceitci.

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