#675 Scarlett Hiltibidal: You’re the Worst Person in the World

#675 Scarlett Hiltibidal: You’re the Worst Person in the World

Thanks so much for joining us today for a fun and JOY-filled conversation with Alisa and author, wife, mom and cheerleader, Scarlet Hiltibidal.  Alisa and Scarlet share so much laughter as they talk about Scarlet’s newest book, You’re the Worst Person Ever, and why this really is the very best news!  Scarlet says this book is for the person tired of trying to be perfect at everything and that letting JESUS get all the glory is what we were designed to do.  She says it really all comes down to walking out Romans 3:23 which is the place where all the striving ends and the good news begins! 


Scarlet will quickly become one of your favorite voices as she shares her sweet love of Jesus and how He has walked her into a greater portion of freedom.  You’re also going to want to hear her share their family story of saying yes to adopting her middle daughter, who was born hearing-impaired, and how God moved her into further peace when the challenge seemed too great.  We think you’re going to be blessed as you listen!

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