#678 REVING The Word: “The Door” (John 10:7) – Alisa Keeton (ENDURANCE)

#678 REVING The Word: “The Door” (John 10:7) – Alisa Keeton (ENDURANCE)

Press play on today’s Reving the Word, a faith-based fitness training you can enjoy the next time you go for a walk, run, hike, bike, or anytime you’re moving your body!

This Reving the Word, led by Alisa, is a coached Christian workout that trains and speaks God’s word over you with upbeat worship music to inspire you as you move. Join us today as she continues her series in John with Jesus’ ‘I Am’ statement found in John 10:9.

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Church (feat. EARTHGANG) – Samm Henshaw (3:48)

Come With Me (Satin Jackets Remix) – Nora En Pure (5:50)

Ride It – Regard (2:38) 

Good God Almighty – Crowder (3:11)

My Jesus – Anne Wilson (3:38) 

The Way (New Horizon) – Pat Barrett (4:19) 

I Can’t Get Away (feat. Naomi Raine) – Melissa Helser (11:01)

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