#824 Dr. Tanita Maddox on Breaking the Barrier with Gen Z

#824 Dr. Tanita Maddox on Breaking the Barrier with Gen Z

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In this episode:

A friend of the house and Gen Z expert, Dr. Tanita Maddox, is here today, teaching us about our role in breaking through the barrier to reach and connect with Gen Zers. This episode is one where you need to lean in and listen—and it’s not just for those raising a Gen Zer. As Tanita encourages us, we all have a circle of influence in this beautiful body of Christ to reach this generation. 

This conversation with Alisa and Tanita will help you better understand Gen Zer’s challenges—from technology to culture to a changing world with big challenges. Tanita also offers simple, practical ways to connect with a Gen Zer to help tear down communication walls. This episode invites us to be willing to learn how to love this generation with our whole hearts! 

Tanita has worked with adolescents for over two decades and serves on staff with Young Life in the Pacific Northwest. Her expertise includes exploring the cultural context of Gen Z and how that impacts their biblical understanding and theological framework. She is also passionate about helping youth ministers and leaders engage with apologetics and bring biblical foundations to cultural issues and questions relevant to their Gen Z audiences. Connect with Tanita here: www.tanitamaddox.com

Here are some of the resources mentioned in this episode: 

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