#825 REVING the Word: “The Storm & The Sleep” (Matthew 8:23-27) Alisa Keeton – INTERVALS

#825 REVING the Word: “The Storm & The Sleep” (Matthew 8:23-27) Alisa Keeton – INTERVALS

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In this episode:

Have you found yourself in the middle of a storm? Alisa’s leading you through an interval workout that cuts straight to the heart of what it means to follow Jesus into turbulence. She shares about the storm she’s facing right now, and you’ll hear her vulnerable heart on what it looks like to trust Jesus even when it seems the darkest. So, if things aren’t adding up in your life, get in the boat and press play on this episode. You were made for the storm, so get moving and get your hope molecules up!

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Best of My Love – The Emotions (3:40)

Praia – Juan Rios (3:23)

Count ‘Em – Brandon Lake (3:47)

Waiting for You (Burnin’ Thick D. Vocal Remix) – Seal (7:42)

God Is On The Throne (Remix) – We The Kingdom (3:22)

Death of Dreams – Orphan No More Co (6:07)

When I Think About the Lord – Rita Springer (5:01)

Gratitude (Live From Passion 2023) – Passion & Brandon Lake (6:18)

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