#835 REVING the Word: “Just the Word” (Psalm 16:11) Alisa Keeton – A MOVING MEDITATION

#835 REVING the Word: “Just the Word” (Psalm 16:11) Alisa Keeton – A MOVING MEDITATION

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In this episode:

You’re in for a good time today with Alisa and a new “Just the Word” REVING the Word! Lace-up your shoes, head outside, and press play on this moving meditation. Alisa’s reading Psalm 16 as she reminds you that change happens when you move your body to the Word! You’ll also learn why not all stress is bad! So press play and let your joy be full!

The book mentioned in this episode: Tiny Habits

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Ain’t Got Far To Go – Jess Glynn (3:23)

Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit (3:58) 

Nevermind – Dennis Lloyd (2:37) 

Give a Little More – Maroon 5 (3:00)

My Soul Sings (Live) – Jonathan David Helser & Melissa Helser (8:06)

Here In Your Presence (Reprise) – New Life Worship (3:21)

God Problems – Maverick City Music, Chandler Moore , Naomi Raine (9:51)

Psalm 145 (Live) – Shane & Shane (6:48)

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