#836 Get Strong: Dr. Carol on Moving Our Bodies and Hormones

#836 Get Strong: Dr. Carol on Moving Our Bodies and Hormones

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In this episode:

Listen up, ladies! We’re bringing you an episode that is jam packed today as we close out our Get Strong series. Alisa is chatting with a physician after our own hearts—Dr. Carol Peters Tanksley—to talk about hormones and how they affect our bodies in all seasons of life. Dr. Carol says that hormones are her thing and it all circles back to moving our bodies in all ages and stages. And best of all, she gets what living an embodied faith looks like.
You’ll hear about collaborative religious coping and how this approach improves outcomes in life, including our health! You’ll also learn what happens in peri and menopause as our bodies shift. Want a better experience in this stage? Listen in as she walks us through what we can do. Dr. Carol’s also teaching us all about insulin resistance and cortisol and shares with us the single most important thing we can do with our healthcare dollars.

Dr. Carol is a licensed OB-GYN and Reproductive Endocrinologist with over 30 years of experience. She is also an author, speaker, and Doctor of Divinity, passionate about seeing people live fully alive! You can connect with her at drcarol.com and check out her book, Dr. Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health. Check out her guide to hormones here.

The book mentioned by Alisa in this episode, Strength to Strength.

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