#842 Sara and Aubree Taylor: A Mother and Daughter Share Their Journey Through an Eating Disorder

#842 Sara and Aubree Taylor: A Mother and Daughter Share Their Journey Through an Eating Disorder

This is an episode that people need to hear! Lead Rev Instructor Sara Taylor and her daughter, Aubree, sit down with Alisa and share how Aubree struggled and overcame an eating disorder. You’ll hear how this challenged Sara as a mom with a background in health and fitness who never thought this could happen. We know this conversation is not unique to the Taylor family, but others in the Rev community share similar stories, and we need to be talking about it.
In this episode, you’ll hear Aubree’s story of how the eating disorder was triggered. Sara shares her perspective as a mother, how this disorder impacted the family, and how they had to make some hard decisions. Aubree also shares how in-patient treatment was the beginning of healing for her. As you’ll hear, her relationship with God became a deep source of peace as she walked through treatment. 
You’ll also hear about Sara’s famous dagger verse and why you need a dagger verse for the battles you face! Press play on this one and learn how to push back the enemy of hope and despair, and trust God more deeply.
You may know Sara from RevWell TV! She’s been a lead instructor for over eight years and also leads a fitness ministry for women in prison. You can connect with Sara on Facebook.

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