#844 Jess Connolly and Friends Get Real About Modesty

#844 Jess Connolly and Friends Get Real About Modesty

Revelation Wellness, friends! We’re ringing the freedom bell over this episode today! Alisa is sitting on the couch for an in-studio interview with Jess Connolly, her husband Nick, and a Rev favorite, Aaron Brewer, to have a real conversation about modesty. Jess is the big, trusted sister we all need to speak truth in love over this issue of modesty and recovery from a purity culture mindset. 

You’ll hear Jess’s story of walking in body shame and how this influenced how she dressed and even led others in the church. You’ll also hear the perspectives of two trusted men and their thoughts on the topic.

This episode is not about pitting freedom against modesty’ it’s about learning to find freedom by running after God. 

Be sure to go check this conversation out on YouTube! 

You can also connect with Jess at jessconnolly.com. and read her books (mentioned in this episode): Breaking Free From Body Shame and Dance, Stand, Run.

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