#846 A Conversation with Alisa and Rev Lead Instructors (and Why You’re Called to be an Instructor, Too!)

#846 A Conversation with Alisa and Rev Lead Instructors (and Why You’re Called to be an Instructor, Too!)

This episode is a gem as Alisa’s in the studio with some familiar faces from Revelation Wellness! You’re in for a delightful conversation filled with wisdom, a whole lot of laughter, and some honesty with our Revelation Lead Instructors—Tammy LeFleur (P2), Sara Taylor (P7), Kara Osborne (P10), Amia Freeman (P15), and Torie Bartee (P23). You’ve seen them on RevWell TV, and today, you’ll hear how they each got started in Rev, and you’ll hear their Aha moment—when they knew it was about more than fitness. You’ll also listen to what it looks like to teach in secular places (and why it matters), what keeps them going, and how they’ve seen their marriages each grow.

Alisa’s also talking more about our brand new training track, LiveWell, along with RevX, RevWild, and RevFit. If you’ve been on the fence about training, press play on this episode and listen to what these women say about why your yes is so important. Hint: it’s not about fitness or you! Download a packet and learn how to become a LiveWell Coach, equipped to use physical and mental health practices to lead others to pursue wholehearted faith.

You’ll hear Amia share her story of leading her husband through a Be Still and Be Loved, a gentle scripture meditation. If you’ve never walked through a Be Still and Be Loved, try this one! #764 Loving-kindness.

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