#846 Unwind with Aarti Sequeira: How To Change How You See the Evening Meal

#846 Unwind with Aarti Sequeira: How To Change How You See the Evening Meal

Grab a cup of coffee and tune in because today, Alisa sits down with Food Network Star, author, and friend Aarti Sequeira to share how the kitchen can be a place to let our souls relax and for God to meet us. She’s sharing all about her gorgeous new cookbook, Unwind: A Devotional Cookbook for the Harried and Hurried.

This episode is an invitation to slow down and think about how we can intentionally look at preparing the evening meal with more peace. In a community that seeks to live well in all aspects of our day, Aarti’s message is one we desperately need as we roll into the holiday season.

Learn more about Aarti here, and be sure to listen to her first podcast with us, #703—it’s delightful! You can also grab a copy of Unwind on Amazon or DaySpring.

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