I had a moment yesterday. A moment where I had to quickly find my right mind that I was losing quite rapidly.

Our family day, yesterday was comprised of seeing a movie followed by dinner out.(I know most do it in the other order, but for this mid-life woman who craves her bedsheets by 9:30 pm, the dinner followed by a movie schedule only means it’s highly likely a $20 uncomfortable movie nap is going to happen. Just saying.)

After a nice meal and some fun conversation, the kids asked if we could wander the mall a bit. Simon and I said “Sure.” Without fail, my sweet Sophia hunted out every store with a smell good candle and pretty things hanging on the walls, while the boys stayed close behind, wandering into stores with various things that whirl and buzz.

And then I lost my mind…

Not even 30 minutes of eating, while still digesting my food, I found myself in a dressing room, trying on a pair of body-hugging workout pants. First off…I am pretty sure the lights in this dressing room were of search and rescue wattage, while the mirrors had me surrounded and under arrest. I like to think of myself as a woman has recovered from being self-critical and analyzing (those days ended along with my competition days), but in this moment I was spiraling – “What’s going on here? How come I never saw that before? What the??… ” It wasn’t pretty. Not to mention trying to get these very stretchy pants over my very muscular and athletic thighs felt like I was wrestling a tourniquet, northward. Then, of course, the classic muffin top was achieved once the pants did reach its proper position on my hips.

People…I have news for you.. EVERY person with flesh on his/her bones, who places a tight, thick, rubber band around their waist, will have the same result…flesh..spilling over. Especially when she/he sits down. It’s called displacement – and it’s a law of physics. If you have a physical body, you are subject to the laws of physics. The only way out of this “pants displacement predicament” is NOT to have a body, which is EXACTLY what the enemy of our souls (who only steals, kills and destroys), is hoping we will choose. Eating less and less, starving ourselves more and more, until NO flesh is left to be displaced; slowly fading away into skin and bones with barely any energy for thoughts or body fat for warmth.

Quick! Find your right mind. Health, divine health, is your birthright.

Health comes from the word “to make whole”. We had health, once upon a time, but our failure to believe in the goodness of God and instead believe the lies that accuse, stole our God-given right to divine health. But God. Jesus came to restore health to a dis-eased people. Raise your hand if you are in need? He asks you now, “Do you want health?” Just be sure to leave your scales and tape measures behind and keep your Gospel goggles strapped on tight for when you enter the funny house of mirrors and lights.

Divine health that God gives us can not be measured until it works its way out from the deepest healed aches of our hearts. “To make whole” is to be content in ALL things. That way food, fitness, funny mirrors or flesh folds have no way of becoming our masters; a functional god – giving us a momentary fix without an eternal “it is well with my soul”.

A healed heart = a healthy body.

So let’s get to training our hearts! You have 7 days left to join us for Clean Hearting; our 30-day faith THEN food and fitness challenge. 30 days of cleaning out all the junk that keeps us focusing on the junk. You will get 30 days of heart, mind, soul and body training; 30 days of daily email devotionals, RevWell TV workouts, a workout calendar (for all levels of ability), a private Facebook group, Facebook Live teachings with me, as well as 30 days of clean eating recipes, meals, snacks and a weekly shopping list for your convenience. All of this for ANY donation amount of your choice. (Suggested donation amount is $10, but we sure welcome the best that you can give as we give you our very best to you for 30 days!) All donations are tax-deductible, and 10% of proceeds raised will go to CAM; a children with special needs ministry in Mexico. Sign ups close Sunday, September 11th at 12 pm EST. The Clean Hearting challenge begins Monday, September 12th at 5 am EST.

Feel free to leave below any questions you might have or give me a virtual fist-bump if you are refusing to let the law of displacement discourage or disappoint you one more day.

His love.


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