Dear frustrated heart who loves God, wants to be loved deeper by God, and KNOWS it’s really not about the weight, but would still really like weight loss–may this encourage you and renew your mind:

Press in deeper to being a chosen, had-to-have, child of God. Let him speak to your orphan heart. Only his voice can lead you in the way you should go. 

No program, diet book, or fitness principles can do the work that He can. Be sure to take all food science and health information under HIs authority. But if you keep looking to man to solve an identity, value, worth, and purpose issue…it simply can’t.

It can’t fix you AND free you.

As children of God, we are called to stay free from putting bets on or placing our hope in what we see. We live from a conscious state of being a royal child of God. Living from The Kingdom of heaven and not trying to earn our way towards it. 

One day our bodies will be dust. But God’s love will endure. He wants to fill us with His love.

Losing weight will not get us closer to an eternity that is already in our hearts. Live FROM eternity where everything is made whole and free, not sexy and skinny.

Make it your daily sole training purpose to know His love and grow in the knowledge of the truth that you are His daughter (or son) and we promise you….this whole chasing after the perfect body will become ancient ruins.

Is food mastering you?

And now allow me a moment to speak to the strength, love, and discipline of a loving Father...if he is showing you something you NEED to be doing (or not do) you must obey. He is completely able to show us if something other than Himself is mastering us. 

Is food or fear mastering you?

Are you?

-Staying up too late mindlessly eating, turning to sugar

-Eating when you are lonely, angry, hopeless, or tired

-Resisting that gentle urge to get off the couch and move.

He wants you free. And free indeed for every good deed. 

The Holy Spirit, empowered through grace, equips us to do ALL things. Call on it and get moving in step the Spirit.

When you hear his voice, to do (or not do something) do not harden your heart as the rebellious do. (Hebrews 3:15) Because to know what is RIGHT to do and not do it is sin (James 4:17) And you have died to that former way of life. (Romans 6:6). Catch a ride on the next wave of grace that is swelling up behind you.

The blood of Jesus has to be enough! Jesus bled so grace could be poured out on a busted-up world.

Experience Freedom

Stop the endless search for the next diet plan or fitness fad and learn about weight loss that’s built on HIS Word and HIS Way!

Learn more today!

Remember: It’s not just about the weight.

It would appear to me, as a recklessly loved fitness missionary/weirdo, for God to fulfill His vision to use fitness as a tool to create a healthy, whole, and bold people, He is going after His children’s value, worth, and identity FIRST and most. Then the physical body becomes the perfect vehicle for love and container of grace.

He wants all His sons and daughters free from the cares of what they THINK they should weigh, THINK they should look like or what they THINK others THINK. 

Yup….he’s loving the hell out of us. I am sorry it seems frustrating at times and I know ten steps to get “there” sure would be nice. But God’s love is now your master and grace is His high-octane fuel. Be overwhelmed by grace and consumed with grace and nothing in this world will ever hold you back or weigh you down again.

Choose the path that leads to life over the one that leads to weight loss.

I know ten steps to get “there” sure would be nice. But God’s love is now your master and grace is His high-octane fuel.Alisa Keeton

Below is a teaching to encourage and instruct you further on this topic of loving God and weight loss. I pray it renews your mind and frees your heart.

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