Dear friends,

This is an invitation. This is an invitation to have a conversation about emotional eating, and so much more than that. This is a conversation about why we’re stuck. About wanting control, about feeling out of control, about doing the things we don’t want to do and doing them again and again. This is a “fear and trembling” kind of conversation. A conversation that, if engaged in faithfully, will give us courage to lay the most tender layers of our hearts open on the operating table for the Great Physician to deal with.

Right now I’m inviting you to stay sober enough to your life to acknowledge where God is asking you to open yourself up to His healing. There are places in all of us that are punctured and cracked. It is in these very places of weakness that God can be glorified in us.

This conversation starts with questions you probably have right now, like: How is it that I can become unstuck? My flesh loves control, but I’m called to life in the Spirit. How do we find true freedom?

I believe the Lord wants me to share with you something both astonishingly simple and beautifully complex. Let me pose this question to you: What happens between death and resurrection? It sounds mysterious, but I’m not trying to trick you. The answer to that question cuts deep and sets free. Enter into this conversation with me and find out what I mean. I can tell you this: pressing into this freedom God offers us is going to require a good ugly cry of you, to say the least.

If you want to know more, I invite you to pray with me and then press play with me.

There’s healing ahead.

The gospel always demands a response. Listen to the podcast then perhaps move your body in faith by lacing up your shoes and moving with Heather Johnson as she gives you 10-minutes of Cardio Strength Intervals from this month’s RevWell TV. RevWell TV is our gift to all our partners who join us on mission to use fitness as a tool to spread the good news Gospel message.

God, we want You to have access to every single place in our hearts. Wreck us, Lord. Wreck us in exactly the way You want to. Help us to repent and walk in fullness of life, unfettered and free. Only you can do it.


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