Friends, I cannot express to you in words how smart God is. How strong He is. Almost four weeks later, I have never been so happy to be me. Trust me when I say…He is totally capable of making the best decisions for our lives!

Second to choosing me and calling me His, this is the best decision He has ever made for me.

I keep telling my friends, family, and family of Revelation Wellness Instructors, “I am my favorite me!”

Flat as a board and free as a bird! That’s how I feel!

I am here to tell you, healing is real. It’s amazing how our bodies are designed to fight for us. Every day things change and get better. My breasts do not look as perfect as they once did, and if I were to stand naked next to a Victoria Secret model, most would call me defective. I am so okay with that! So okay.

Since the surgery, God has been speaking the word blameless over me. I have been digging in and studying what that means inside the context of God’s word. The word blameless shows up mostly in the book of Leviticus—a book that talks a lot about sacrifices and blood shed in payment for sin. God commanded that the animals to be sacrificed must be blameless. The word blameless, as used in a sacrifice, means perfect, or without defect.

Funny thing is, in comparison to what I used to look like with my breast implants, the world, my flesh, and the mirror might try to tell me I am now defective and imperfect. But God now calls me blameless, perfect, and “without defect.” What the world labels imperfect and damaged goods, God stamps perfect with great purpose.

There is no flaw in me.

I couldn’t hear it then, but I can hear it now. As clear as the sound of a freedom bell ringing in the distance. Can you hear it?

I appeal to you therefore, brothers (and sisters) by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. – Romans 12:1

I am a living sacrifice, blameless, and without defect

On this side of surgery, I see more clearly that not only did this have to do with me and God, a daughter and Father, but also between me and God as I minister the Good News to His people – His message of unyielding love, grounding truth, and ultimate freedom. He did this to protect me on ALL sides for ALL the battles that surely lie ahead, as we continue to raise up an army of world changers and history makers and affect the culture of fitness/wellness for God’s glory. Especially for the world changers who are in my own home – my daughter Sophia, and my son Jack – the next generation, my offspring, the root of Jessie, who will never fully know the fallow ground on which I have walked to arrive at freedom.

In answer to all my original fears…turns out I really had nothing to fear.

  • Will I still feel like a woman?
    I have never felt more beautiful.
  • Will my husband still find me sexy and beautiful?
    Nothing is more sexy and beautiful than a woman who is free. My husband would agree. 
  • How bad are my boobs going to look?
    A little better each day. They look like real breasts and real makes me REALLY happy! Real is becoming more and more rare. I really like it over here on the wild side of life. 
  • How can we afford this?
    The day before I found my doctor, God dabbled in the stock market. Some stock that we have owned for years, sitting in our account like a dead duck, “hit.” Only God!

And my final fear: What will people think of me? Well…that one is none of my business. I am getting used to the fact that some will get it, some will not and some people will think I am an alien. To which I say…

Nanu nanu!

Obedience, love, and devotion to God don’t make sense on a planet where it’s much easier to be our own gods.

We are ALL aliens here on planet earth. We are all flying around in our spaceships, avoiding asteroids while trying to get to that place of significance. The only difference is some aren’t navigating their own way as much as they are following The Way. Some ships run on 100% pure rocket fuel, called Grace and Truth – a rocket fuel that sends them into the big, blue, yonder. A place of weightlessness in the flesh and weightiness to the God they love – the leader they follow. A place of great significance where love is always greater than fear and fear never gets the final say.

I am not sure if it’s the feeling of obedience that is most satisfying or the feeling of being totally me and completely at home in my skin. It’s just so God to give one so much goodness on all sides. It feels like goodness is flooding my home and sweeping me off my feet.

I think I am going to love it here.

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