Hey..guess what? Day after Easter and God is STILL alive. Risen! Risen indeed! How was your Easter? Did you gather with your friends of family and break bread together? I sure hope so. Easter, Christmas, and the holidays of the same liking, are good reminders that our God is a God of celebration. Jesus loves a good party! Jesus always did His best teaching with his elbows on the table.

My family broke bread together yesterday. The operative word here is broke. Let’s just say that the Rockwell family portrait of an Easter celebration together ended up more like a Jerry Springer throw back. Don’t worry..no chairs or punches were thrown and all the words were acceptable for a child to hear. The whole thing just ended up broke. Broken. Mid preparation of the meal I found myself in my office thinking “What’s going on? God….I know you told me to throw this celebration for my crazy family..but really….this feels like a sucker punch!”

When God fixes broken things you can expect him to ask you to get your hands dirty.

Poverty has been defined as relationships that don’t work. Yup..that’s about right. Poverty = broken relationships = brokenness = me & God, me & others. Jerry Springer, and all the like reality shows and useless media fodder, are depending on us NOT uncovering this poverty trap and NOT getting to work on ourselves. With the help of the Holy Spirit let’s get to work on being set apart, shall we? God’s heart for the poor is the most intense cardiovascular training. Let’s step up and be trained.

Today we start our two week YouVersion bible study called “The heart of God towards the poor and the suffering”, because the fact is…WE are the poor. I am the poor. I am broken. My love for others is broken. I need God’s heart. Period.

Join us in this on-line smartphone study and let us know how God is rocking your heart. Read the daily scripture and devotionals then post on our Facebook wall the kind of renovation God is up to in you.  ALSO for you Instagram fanatics, do what you do best..chronicle your life in pictures in respect to this bible study. We will be using #RWHisLove and #RevelationWellness to keep the conversation collective and in one voice. Help us find you by using these hash tags as well.

Finally, don’t forget we are offering you a chance to exercise your heart for others by giving at least $5 towards our HopeFest 2013 outreach we will be doing on April 20th. For $5 you can profoundly speak into the life of a person who is physically poor. Like don’t know if they will have enough to feed and clothe their kids kind of poor. Find out more about HopeFest 2013 by going clicking on our Loving Others tab. Join us in reminding these beautiful people that HOPE has come for their WHOLE self; mind, heart, soul and strength!

Peace and wholeness friends,

Alisa Keeton

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