“Who dares despise the day of small things..”

Zecheriah 4:10

Good things come in small packages.

No one seems to know how this quote originally came into being, but it does remind me of somethings that are very small and yet earth shattering big: A baby in a manger. A little shepherd boy and a giant. Two coins and a widow. A mustard seed.

I am only 5 ft nothing. I remember when I was a kid, about 7 years old or so, my parents bought me a shirt with the saying “Dynamite comes in small packages.” (Anyone remember those stores at the mall where you could pick from an array of iron-on decals and within moments have your very own custom shirt hot off the iron press? It was revolutionary!! Oh the hours I would spend at the mall trying to come up with some cool original sayings to iron on a shirt in fuzzy letters. Not much has changed, I still love creating shirts! But I digress) My shirt was royal blue with a very plastic like, rainbow glittery image of a box exploding. Again..not much has changed. I am still small and If you have attended any of our live events, or have any of our christian fitness at home workout DVD’s or even watched me go coo coo on the youtube channel..I am still exploding. Who knew my parents were really prophesying over me when they gave me that shirt.

Another great thing that comes in small packages…your workouts. You do not have to spend hours in the gym. 20 minutes is all you need! Really! 5-8 minutes warming up (keeps you safe and mentally ready to go), followed with 12-15 focused minutes of work. And I bet I could talk you into an extra 5-10 minutes of stretching out those muscles. Mmmmm..mmmm.goood! (Disclaimer: This only applies to those who eat to live. If you live to eat/drink….see if the gym will get you front row parking spot with your name on it. Or expect to not have enough “time” for your workouts on some days or putting other things more important on hold so you can clear your guilty conscience.

This is not to say that I don’t enjoy a nice lengthy workout some days. Some days I do. I just refuse to make my workouts my life. Been there..done that. There’s just too much more to life than obsessing over my body, and I don’t wan to miss a thing. I’ve got people to love, and I pray lives to change, with the love of Jesus.

MOVE OF THE WEEK: Low to Hi Band Wood Chop

WORKOUT: (Your warm up can include one time through with no weight, moving to learn the movement pattern.)

  • 1:00 Air Squats (with or without weights)
  • 1:00 Alternating Knees or High Knee Run in place
  • 1:00 Twisted Lunge (30 seconds on each leg lead)
  • 1:00 Low to Hi Band Wood Chop (30 seconds going left to right, 30 seconds going right to left)
  • :30 seconds One Push Up- One Dumbell Row
  • :30 seconds Supermans (on tummy, arms out in front of you, lift legs and arms off the mat, put back down on floor)
  • 1:00 Bicycle Crunches

Repeat 2-4x

FOOD:A simple lunch idea:

  • Open face (or full, depending on your needs) chicken or turkey sandwich- One slice of whole wheat bread, 1/2 tbsp of Vegannaise, shredded broiled chicken (or low sodium turkey lunch meat) drizzle balsamic vinegar on the meat, top with a heap of arugala or some sort of greens
  • Slice avocados and tomatoes and salt and pepper to taste.
  • YUM!

If you are liking the workouts and food ideas be sure to let me know by commenting below. OR let me know what we can do to keep you on the path to wholeness and freedom, in Christ! Feel free to share your ideas.

Peace in the small places friends,

Alisa Keeton

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