I want to tell you part of my story. I want you to hear about how from a young age I believed the lie that I was alone, and how I fed that hollowness and vulnerability by doing whatever I felt I had to do to be loved. I want you to hear how marriage to a good man didn’t fill that hollow place, how even as I grew closer to Jesus, my bitterness with God grew too. I had a husband who did not want to know God. I felt alone in my faith and alone in my call.

Every single thing from a young age that I tried to use to fill the place that only God could fill eventually backfired and caused my own pain, both in my heart and in my gut. I wanted to be loved, I grew bitter with God when He didn’t give me what I thought I deserved, and I became sick. I lived trying to prove to God and to everyone that I was enough, and in the thick of all of it, my gut took a bad turn. My body was storing up so much fear and anger and hurt from my past that it touched every part of me.

That is part of the story, but it isn’t the whole story, friends. Ultimately, this is a story of redemption and forgiveness in the deepest places, both on my insides gut-wise, and also in the core of my heart. This is a story about the goodness of Jesus.

And for those of you who are identifying with my pain and are feeling the call to find out what you can do, physically, to partner with God in your healing through the choices you make, be sure to listen to the second podcast I have attached below as well. It’s a long one, but it was time for me to bring a professional in on this matter to unveil some concrete concepts about food and our gut health. You will meet my friend, Dr. Janna Joshu Grimm. Gut healing and God is one of her big passions. I invite you to listen to both to get the full healing story.

 We are all bound up in the very core of who we are: spiritually and physically. We are bound up in the bowels of our beings on so many levels. We have been hollow and have fed ourselves things that have congested us and inflamed us.

So, I invite you to take this step with me into my testimony of heart and gut health, about what it looks like to be set right and healed in the love of Jesus, body and soul..

EPISODE 174: My Testimony & My Gut

EPISODE 175: Gut Health And What Can We Do

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His love.


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