Don’t allow a social-media smokescreen to convince you that the zip and zeal of energy you see in me on RevWell TV or during a live teaching event is how my faith always looks. Most days for me, living by faith is a drag-down, down-and-dirty, nose to the grindstone fight. Everybody who follows Jesus has to fight the daily battle to keep the weight of unbelief off our backs–yours truly included. You might think that I plyo-jack jump out of bed every morning and hit the floor doing burpees for Jesus, singing songs of delight. I most definitely don’t.

Truth be told, when my 5:00 AM alarm goes off, I don’t want to get up. It’s dark outside, the floors are cold, and the comfort of my bed tries to convince me that a few extra minutes of rest won’t hurt. So I lay there and begin to wonder what challenges this day will hold. What need is my husband going to have that will cost me my own desires? What giants are my kids going to face that I wish I could slay for them? What things will I need to give up so that I can live a surrendered life where joy is found in serving rather than being served?

Each morning the battle is on and a choice must be made. Will I get up and spend time with the Lord in my secret place, moving mountains through faith, or will I stay in my bed and seek my own comfort?

Jesus tells us that through faith we have the power to move mountains. But what good is the ability to move mountains if our character folds under the temptation to take the easy way out? Instead, by trusting in the Lord alone, we must get past the obstacles in our souls, the mountains of unbelief and pain that weigh us down.

I won’t see mountains move because of me if God doesn’t move the mountains of unbelief inside of me.

People who want to move mountains must travel light. Mountains alone are heavy enough. Nobody needs the added weight of despair and unbelief. If we are going to move mountains like Jesus says we can, we are going to need a daily practice of calling out and casting down the mountains (or monuments of pain) inside of us that keep us running scared and looking down.

“Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.” – Psalm 43:5

Give me five minutes to share with you a personal and practical way that I keep “the weight” off of my soul each day. Grab a pen and paper or open up your notes app on your phone, and get ready to become a mountain mover!

Travel light today and unpack the weight of your mad, bad, sad, scared, and JOY in the comments below! 

In His love,


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