• February 27, 2013

I just know that I know that it can be radically different. Inside the modern day fitness world are silent screams for help. They wake me up at night sometimes. I know who you are. I have seen your face. I know that look of disappointment and an empty stare of another jaded attempt to lose “the weight”. I want you to know…He is coming for you. He won’t stop and he won’t turn back.

We just started the 21 Day Transformation Challenge were we will not be logging one single push up or burpee. Nope…not a one. Our workout, our challenge is this; Return to the Lord.

I don’t believe it is a coincidence that in our Revelation Wellness Instructor Training program we study the book of Nehemiah, and somewhere around Chapter 7, the captives return home to Jerusalem, to worship the Lord their God. Yet out of hundred of thousands of freed captives from the grips of Babylon, the return to worship God, was a trickle. It is estimated that only around 30,000 returned.

This new returning generation did not know this Yahweh God. They did not know him. They had not seen him. Their parents didn’t teach them. They had no play by play plan. The Spirit pulled the trickle back home. The Spirit taught them what it meant to worship God and they returned to “The book of the Law of Moses”. (aka..the first 5 books of the Old Testament). They fell in love with the word of God that cuts us to the bone and separates itself from the marrow.

These people had NO idea what they were getting themselves into. They were opening up the very Words, by which the finger of God engraves upon stone.

Day one into this challenge and I am already receiving emails (some too private for the FB Group) telling me how the Word of God intersected them just in time before they stepped into a shallow grave.

God’s coming for us. He said he would. He said it would be radically different. And so it is.

Whenever you see this post, I don’t care what day it is, come…return to the Lord, the battle belongs to Him anyways. (Exodus 14:14)

Now tell me, please share, comment below,  how radically different is this!

In Joy,


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