When I asked Jennie Allen near the end of our latest Revelation Wellness Podcast episode what she believed was the current biggest threat to the body of Christ, she didn’t hesitate. She said that if believers in this generation aren’t careful, we run the risk of falling more in love with the mission of God than with God Himself.

Scary, right? Really scary. Terrifying, in fact.

I know you get it. I know that so many of you feel like you know who God is, you know that you love Him, but you feel like you’re losing your joy. You feel burned out and anxious from doing #allthethings, but you’ve entirely forgotten or neglected being with the only One who can fill you up.

Jennie spoke to this when she shared the truth that if we try to do anything for God out of our own strength without being with Him first, we will ultimately grow weary and tired. Living this way, she said, “is not what God called us to. He doesn’t call us to use us; He calls us to be near to us. He calls us to be near to us and then to pour into other people’s lives.”

Jennie’s words were like a punch in the gut and a tender touch at the same time. Listening to her, I literally broke out in what I like to call Holy Spirit sweats…because every part of me sang, “Yes! We need this truth right now!”

Friends, we can’t love doing things for God more than we love Him. We can’t be so busy doing things that we aren’t simply being with Him. If we aren’t connected to God we are going to be producing our own twisted kingdoms instead of His, regardless of what we are saying that we want to do. We can’t be equipped to share His Word if we aren’t soaking in it, we can’t give freedom away when we are still in deep bondage, we can’t pour out His living water when our buckets aren’t full of time spent in His presence.

We were made to abide. Abiding is, Jennie said, “the calling of our lives,” and “our posture and our position” as believers. As she shared in her book “Nothing to Prove” and mentioned again during our conversation, out of our own strength all we will ever be able to give people is cruddy processed food. We cannot produce anything life-giving or (super)natural on our own. It is only as we abide in Christ that we get to watch God do amazing things around us–not because of us, but because of the One we’ve been spending our time with.

My musings here only scratch the surface of all the gospel-filled truth that Jennie shared with me during our conversation. If you haven’t listened to it from start to finish, head over to Revelation Wellness Podcast on ITunes, episode #185.


Now, let’s work this out! This #workoutwednesday we give to you a quick workout from RevWell TV with Revelation Wellness Instructor extraordinaire Kara Osborne. Her Kickboxing Clas is a low-impact, multi-planar, cross-training  workout where kicking and punching is used in all the right ways! This is a total- body workout like no other!

His love.


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