My first, “Okay God…flex,” was to go to my husband and ask him what he thought about having my breast implants removed. It was a workday morning. And this is how the conversation went down:

Me: “Hey hon. I have something really important to talk about with you but I want it to be the best time for you, so do you know when that might be? Maybe tonight?”

He seemed concerned. He asked what it was about and I referred to the fact that it was concerning what we were going to do about my breast implants and the need to do something.

Him: “Go ahead…Tell me what you’re thinking.”
Me: “Well, I am thinking about getting them taken out…for good.”
Awkward, what felt like eternity, silent pause.
Him: “Are you asking me what I prefer?”
The sound of my heart hitting the floor and shattering into a million pieces.
Me: “No. Never mind. I get it.”

I went into my bathroom, shut the door, shook my fist at God, and said, “See…you didn’t protect me. You didn’t do what you said you would do!” I was crushed.

In the next moment, a small miracle happened. There was a soft knock at the door and my husband said, “Can I come in?” He saw my eyes and began to tell me how he did that wrong and asked for my forgiveness. (Miracle!) He began to speak words of life and encouragement and how if this is what I wanted to do, then he would support me.

He left for work and I exhaled. Still a little sore from the initial punch to the gut, but certain that God just showed up. The fact that my husband, who is often in an early-morning rush, came back to right his wrong — just evidence that the living God lives inside of him, our marriage, and our home.

Breakthrough is often found on the other side of taking one on the chin.

That day I boarded a plane to Atlanta. Right before takeoff, I received an out-of-the-blue text from a friend of mine, a fellow Revelation Wellness instructor, who was asking for prayers. She was heading to a plastic surgeon to have her breast implants removed.

“WHAT??!! Are you kidding me? What is going on, here? God…you are funny!”

And so, a conversation began—a mentoring if you will—for such a season as this. Now I wasn’t totally alone in what felt like a scary and crazy thing. God was way ahead of me on this one.

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