In my past you would have known me (Alisa) as a very broken girl looking for love in all the wrong places. To know me now is to know I am less broken but can still fall into the trap of trying to find my value and worth in things other than Christ alone. You might assume that when I got married, all of my issues in the “need for love” department were solved. You’d be wrong. It was not until Christ became my husband and purified (and continues to purify) my heart that I knew true love. Even still, in any given moment, I am capable of giving my flesh permission to tell me what to think, say or do, causing me to betray my First Love.

Friends, my heart aches to see purity in the flesh return to the earth. Oh, that purity would be a trending topic on Instagram! Oh, for purity to become the new sexy!

Once upon a time we had real intimacy that was founded on purity- an ability to see one another and ourselves as God sees us – holy and whole, not lacking. Even if our thighs jiggle and try to tell us a different story, we know it’s not true. We know we are loved because Love Himself has chosen us. If we were to get quiet and honest with ourselves, I think we can all agree that we desperately want back our clean minds and bodies. We long to breathe fresh air.

Today I invite you to go deeper into the pursuit for sexual purity. If you are a single woman following Jesus, you will want to hear this interview with my friend Jessica Vaughn. Jessica’s story of how Christ washed and called her clean is one that needs to be heard. She and I share similar “before Jesus became my Savior I was a hot mess” stories. I personally love and rejoice that she got her wake-up call to consecrate herself to God before she got married instead of getting the memo after marriage, like I did.


Whether you are currently single, plan to stay single, will be getting married or won’t be getting married, are just about to get married, or know someone who is fighting the battle to stay pure, this brand new podcast episode is for your listening hearts and ears.

Our RevWell TV April challenge group is off and running! This month we are learning what it means to grow in #gritandhope through soaking in God’s word. We are going deep! Revelation Wellness Instructor Trisha Mupfudze is leading the charge over on the Facebook challenge group page and she’s got so much goodness in store for you all. Be sure to head over there and supplement your RevWell TV April workout calendar with her work-ins  for your heart, mind, soul and strength.

His Love.


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