A few years back, after a Rev Fit class, I remember my friend, Nissa, coming up to me and saying, with a big sweaty smile, “I just have to tell you that I am marvelously ruined for workouts now.” In other words, once she got a taste for what workouts were really created to do: to conform our hearts more into Christ-likeness by working out of us the things that don’t belong there and depositing into us the things that do, she could no longer go back to the old ways of working out.

To be marvelously ruined is to have a no-turning-back attitude. “To whom (or where) shall we go now?” It’s to say, “This is good. But it’s also not easy.”

Oh, to be marvelously ruined in all areas of our life! To see things new. To see all circumstances in our life as a means to becoming more of what we behold. 

Jesus was familiar with the turning-back mentality. For those who found Jesus’ teachings just too hard, they turned back.

“You do not want to leave do you?” Jesus asked the twelve. Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

John 6:67-68

I love how Peter responds with such bewilderment. As if to say, “I wouldn’t even know where to go from here. I burned my bridges. I picked up my mat. I’m walking after you. I wouldn’t even know how to get back from here.”

Allow me to make this real clear…NOTHING is too hard WITH God. If God has brought you to the edge of something far too big, scary, and unknown, you must trust Him to keep you whole as you jump, even if it feels like you are falling to pieces. Just like a workout. The payoff is freedom!

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream and I do, too. What would happen if we, the people of God, threw ourselves recklessly into the heart of God?

We would be marvelously ruined: people who are free to be who they were created to be. And free to make much of their King.

If you have even considered joining our ranks of “fitness misfits for the King’s cause,” don’t wait any longer. Our next class of Revelation Wellness Instructor Trainingstarts February 17th. You don’t even have to know WHY the heck he is asking you to come. You just need to come!

Our Christian fitness certification training program is stand alone.

One thing I can guarantee: you’ll be marvelously ruined.

His love,

Alisa Keeton

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