If you find yourself wondering “What should I weigh?” let me remind you, Jesus makes it clear we live by faith, not by sight. If the images of people on social media have you chasing after a number instead of chasing after God, you may want to ask yourself, “Why is my goal to achieve a certain weight?” 

A better goal…a life lived well and free.  

When I die I am absolutely sure I won’t be wishing I had hit the gym harder or lowered my body fat/weight just a bit more. A lower body fat percentage or lower number on a scale is not the benchmark of health. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss God’s Way

A better measure of health

True health is measured on the inside: blood pressure, cholesterol, resting heart rate, etc. And yes…if you find it difficult to play with your kids or enjoy your daily activities without pain and becoming winded easily, pay attention to your body. Then, let God lead you to make the right changes for YOU. 

But do not be fooled any longer. Change is in order. He has more for you. It will cost you what you think you can’t afford and in return he will give you back more than you ever deserve. 

His yoke is easy and his burden is light. You were born to become free!

I encourage you. I implore you. Even beg you. Don’t identify yourself by a number. It’s virtually impossible for any person to live life and age well expecting to be the same weight as their youthful self. Talk about a self-imposed prison sentence!

If one does manage to “break the tape” at the end of his/her life maintaining a certain weight, would that gold star accomplishment be on his/her mind at life’s end? I can’t imagine it would matter. And it’s not going to matter to God. 

He’s going to weigh your heart, just like he is weighing yours and mine now. He loves your heart. He knows the pain that our hearts have weathered. He came to bind up the broken hearts. If your heart feels weighed down, chained to a number given to you by an instrument that was invented to measure goods, not people, today’s your day that Jesus is throwing open the jail cell doors. 

You are not defined by your body weight. Living life by the numbers is too small for you.Alisa Keeton

Leave the life of living by numbers to your accountant who was made by God to enjoy numbers. Life is meant to be lived and not preserved. Even the best athletes step off the podium at some time. You are not defined by your body weight. Living life by the numbers is too small for you.

Train your body to be an instrument of love. Ask God to tell you what you need to let go of and what you need to welcome. Then, as Nike would say, JUST DO IT!

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What if we became the generation who simply let our bodies be the byproduct of obedient lives that love God and love people?

Forget skinny, cut, and lean; let’s shoot for healthy and whole.

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