Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for faithfully opening these emails each week. If your inbox is anything like mine, it is probably already full in the morning when you wake up. As a team we are humbled and consider it an honor to get to speak into your life on a regular basis. Thank you for letting us into your whole life.

Secondly, I wanted you, our faithful weekly email readers, to know that I am going to be transitioning into a season of rest and release.

As a season of rest:
After seven years of sowing seeds into this ministry of Revelation Wellness, it’s time for me to take God at His Word and enter into rest as my full-time job for a time. Rest is not a suggestion. It is a directive from a loving Father who knows how life works best. I can’t wait to learn new things about my Heavenly Father as I slow down the day-to-day pace I’ve been operating in. I am excited to have this holy opportunity, and so thankful to everyone on my team who is making this possible and giving this gift to my family and myself.

As a season of release:
My first ever book The Wellness Revelation (formerly Weigh Less to Feed More) by Tyndale Publishing is set to release on August 8th. This season of rest I’m heading into will be essential to the healthy release of this work. This book that the Lord has allowed me to write is His message of freedom for the captives in the realm of health and fitness. I pray that it shakes the very foundations of fitness culture. God is inviting me into a season of rest before His good work reaches further.

He is going to go deeper in me in wonderful ways.
It is time for me to sit down longer for a day so that God can stand up for my whole life.

Here’s some great news: we will not be going radio silent on you. You will still be hearing from us through other God-singing, God-glorifying, no- turning-back followers of Jesus in our community. I can’t wait to read what God is teaching them as they share with you. I am looking forward to taking a spectator seat and applauding the goodness of the Lord in His land that is Revelation Wellness.

We also have many pre-recorded Revelation Wellness podcasts with me, that will be dripped out to you over the weeks to come. So be sure to subscribe to the podcast and plan on keeping your ears open over there as well. (If you are an Andriod user search ‘Revelation Wellness’ in the Podbean app.)

It is going to give me great joy to stand back and watch good work happen without me. You know something is a God thing and not your thing when the good work carries on without you.

All of this is a God thing.

And this rest thing is a going to be a good thing.

To kick off this season of rest and release, this week we release to you another Be Still and Be Loved podcast titled “Glory.” Consider joining me for 15-minutes of practicing rest like it’s your new get-to. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but that’s just your flesh learning how to cry it out before it falls asleep, so you Spirit can rise.


Finally, when you are ready to move this week try Courtney’s Cardio Dance from RevWell TV titled : “CHOSEN TO BE WITH HIM”. This class is all cardio and all dance. Get ready to move to the beat and shake yourself free!

Work from rest and rest in His love!


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