A psalm of David. Let all that I am praise the LORD; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name.

Psalm 103:1

Hey! Please do me a favor. Please don’t think that I have it all together. Not for a second. Please know that I am super flawed just like every human being with a heartbeat. If you don’t think you are flawed, you are going to get very agitated with me when I am not living up to your  unhealthy expectations. We tend to throw on others what we expect of ourselves. We just do. It’s part of our brokenness.

Isn’t it true? Our humanism desires to put man on a pedestal. Something we can look up to. It’s only a matter of time until we want to knock them down off that high horse that we placed them up on. It’s our own game of set em’ up and shoot em’ down.

I love Jesus. That’s all. I love to move. When those two things come together, I come alive. I am still learning about both. Jesus. And movement. My favorite kind of movement is movement towards freedom. Freedom to be who we were created to be, to do the things we were created to do, in this life, while giving glory and honor back to The Giver of life.

I am a pretty aggressive person by nature. I definitely don’t do kind of, sort of, or luke warm very well. If I’m in..I’m in!

On Saturday my little family of four decided to create our own weekend fun. In this Arizona heat, family fun can get pretty hard to find. Excursions require air conditioning at all times. My daughter Sophia had the idea of doing a mall scavenger hunt. Boys against girls. It only took me about 1 minute into the game to realize just how super IN I really am! Her and I broke a sweat trying to beat the boys back to start with all our appropriate pictures of mall goods. I looked at her at one point and said “Man Sophia…I think I may be taking this a little too seriously. But I really want to win!” To which my mini-me replied “I know.. ME TOO!”

For the record…we won! Thanks to this gigantic size gumball machine that the boys did not have the wherewithal to find. According to them, the whole game was rigged from the get go since the mall is “girl” domain.

Yes, when I am in..I am in! In my aggressive edge, I bend towards being wholehearted. You could see how destructive this could be without God as my True North). As whole as my heart desires to be, my heart still gets busted up from time to time. It still has holes. These voids in my heart are places where Christ sets up his velvet rope and hangs His signs that says “Reserved for Her King.”

I am flawed, will always be, but not much as I once was.

He lives and loves to fill my gaps. His filling puts me back on my feet. Yup…His grace is still sufficient and overflowing towards me.

I will fail you.

Christ never will!

Let’s work this out friends!

WORKOUT PLAN: (always warm up a few minutes before getting serious!)

  • 1 minute-  Mountain climbers (to modify, do against wall or use a chair)
  • 30 secs -Low squat jack jump (to modify, take out jump and step one foot out left then return to squat, do other side. STAY LOW)
  • 1 minute- Low plié squat, Russian twist 3x. Stand up, reach up, squat back down. Repeat other side twist 3x
  • 1 minute – Bulgarian Bicep Lunge. Hello Booty!! This lunge required you to maintain a strong core/ spine as you hinge forward when you come down in the lunge. Kick the rear leg back pretty far. Stand up and bicep curl. Alternate sides.
  • REPEAT 3-6x

Comment below if you plan to do this OR if you complete 6x through. I only got 4x through until I was b-e-a-t!

Peace friends,

Alisa Keeton

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