Why faith-based fitness instructor training? Because of dishonest things like what I am about to share below.

Attention ladies: Satan hates your beauty. His plan is to twist and turn every good thing God has made into a self-destructive weapon that he can use against what God has called good.

Every year women (and men) die from anorexia, an eating disorder where one eats food (a good thing) as little as possible to become smaller in their bodies. Wouldn’t it be just like the enemy or our souls to offer a woman lies like this? To convince her that true beauty comes in being so small that she nearly disappears? The enemy would love to have you uncomfortable in the body the Creator of Beauty gave you. So here is the truth to fight the lies: you don’t need to be smaller. God’s view of beauty, of you, must become larger!

The truth is, the only smallness worth pursuing is a heart bowed before a Good and Faithful King. There is a great deal of joy found in that kind of smallness.

If we aren’t courageous, by being brutally honest with ourselves about what’s really going on in our heart, our once pure motives get skewed into crazy making. How many times have you entered a gym, a workout class or slithered into your spandex and began to wish you were less or more? It’s that kind of small thinking, living and acting that brings our freedom fighting souls to life, here inside God’s ministry of Revelation Wellness®. You were born to have a voice and take up space!

I am a woman of action. I can only stand talk for so long. Action is my sweet spot! Action requires instruction, intention and a slaughtering of our insecurities as we execute new ways on wobbly knees. We thought a FREE video from this month’s VIPtv might be a fun way to help you fight for freedom. This workout is called “Have a Ball”. The movement and its message is sure to make your flesh fall and your joy rise! We dare you to try and not smile.

For people who say “Give me less of the beat and more of the heat!” We have a FREE tabata training workout headed your way! Stay close and watch your inbox.

Hey..and don’t forget…tomorrow night is our LIVE Revelation Wellness® Faith- Based Fitness Instructor Training Q&A Call! So when you feel the atmosphere shift in gyms, studios, on bathroom scales, or any place people are getting ready to get their sweat on…have no fear…it’s just an army rising up! Everything is going to be BETTER than alright. All things are being made new! Mark your calendars and save to your phone the call-in information, in the image below.

Until we talk again…get small in His presence, get big in the world!

His love..


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